Ray Devine

Knowle West Boy is the title of the eigth Alternative rock / Trip hop album released by the popular rapper "Tricky. It features the following tracks written by Tricky: "Puppy Toy", "Bacative", "Joseph", "C'mon Baby","Council Estate","Past Mistake","Coalition","Cross to Bear","Baligaga","School Gates" and "Council Estate". The "Council Estate" track is the first track that features Tricky on the vocals. The album also features: "Veronika" with Tricky and Veronika Coassolo, "Slow" with Kylie Minogue, Mr. Dan and Emilíana Torrini, and "Far Away" with Tricky and Veronika Coassolo. The knowle west boy album received high reviews and is highly recommended by music lovers, many says it's his best work since Maxinquaye album. You can purchase Knowle West Boy album at your local records stores or online retailers such as amazon.com